SAAF Artist Information

We would love to have you join us for our 52nd Annual Snake Alley Art Fair on Sunday, June 16, 2019!

Please apply online via Zapplication here. It is free for you to set up an account. If you need help using Zapp, check out these helpful tutorials.


  • January 26, 2019 - Date artists may begin submitting applications on ZAPP
  • April 2, 2019 - Application deadline (we cannot extend this deadline)
  • April 9, 2019 - Date by which artists will be notified if they have been accepted
  • April 30, 2019 - Deadline for artists to accept or decline invitation to participate and booth fee due
  • May 10, 2019 - Full refund request deadline


All artists must submit a completed application on time and online via Zapp. All payments for jury fees and booths will be taken through Zapplication.


Booth spaces are 10 feet deep x 12 feet wide.
 • $100 booth space fee for exhibitors who are Art Center members
 • $115 booth space fee for exhibitors who are not Art Center members

Details about submitting images of your artwork:

  • You must include four high-quality images that represent the overall body of your work.
    • Make sure the images are clear with good lighting.
    • Choose images of your work that clearly show your creative, artistic, and technical skills.
  • You will also need to submit a photo of your booth.
    • Your booth shot should be taken from the front and close enough that the jurors can see how your work is displayed and what the overall look is.
    • Appearances matter! Be sure that your booth is styled and visually appealing.
    • If this will be your first booth, no worries! Please take the time to create a mock up or a vignette of how you plan your booth to look.

Please note: High quality photos by artists and artisans selected to exhibit will be used for publicity purposes, increasing the artist’s visibility and promoting sales.

The jury will judge based upon originality, design and composition, creativity, quality, and craftsmanship. Not all applicants will be accepted.

Artists may apply in more than one category, but must use a separate application for each medium.

• Clay
• Fiber / Fabric
• Glass
• Handmade Crafts
• Jewelry
• Metalwork
• Mixed Media
• Painting / Drawing
• Photography
• Printmaking
• Sculpture
• Woodworking
• Other

• All artwork must be original work of the individual displaying it.
• Only original artwork is allowed.

• Ceramics made from commercial molds
• Commercially fabricated jewelry
• Items from kits
• Copies of others' paintings

Artists may only exhibit and sell work in the media category for which they are accepted. Artists may not exhibit or sell work by other artists.

The SAAF committee reserves the right to remove works or exhibitors not in compliance with rules or that is not consistent with the submitted images and the rules listed above. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the festival with no refund.


Artists retain 100% of their sales and are responsible for the collection and reporting of all applicable sales taxes. 

  • All sales are subject to a 7% sales tax – a 6% State of Iowa sales tax and a 1% local-option tax.
  • The Iowa Dept of Revenue no longer provides a temporary tax permit. Snake Alley Art Fair committee is required to provide a list of all artist participants (Iowans and out-of-staters) to the Iowa Dept of Revenue with their Tax ID number prior to the event.
  • If you do not have a sales tax permit, you may apply here:
  • If you have any questions on applying for a sales tax permit, please contact Patricia Cooper, Revenue Agent at (515)802-7999.


  • Complimentary breakfast and coffee
  • Booth sitting
  • Complimentary water and snacks delivered throughout the day
  • Professionally judged with ribbon and cash awards
  • Pull up adjacent to your booth space for set up/tear down


  • Exhibitors may set-up between 6am and 8:30am the morning of the Fair. Artists will be able to unload near their booth during set-up and tear down. We depend upon artists’ cooperation to keep traffic moving. We ask that upon arrival at your booth location you unpack then move your vehicle before you start set-up. 
  • The Fair is open to the public from 9am-4pm. Artists must be present at their booths during these times.
  • Artists must provide their own display materials. Canopies are highly recommended but cannot be staked. Electricity is not available.
  • The SAAF committee assigns booth spaces based on various factors including: returning vendors, category type, surface/shade requirements, special requests, and the Art Center’s discretion.
  • Two adjacent booth spaces may be assigned but the exhibitor will pay two booth fees.
  • Spaces consist of a variety of natural circumstances including: sun/shade/partial shade, flat/slight incline, and on cement.
  • SAAF is open rain or shine.