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We invite you to support the Arts through your Art Center monthly or yearly membership. Tax-deductable donations are also accepted and appreciated. Send a completed membership form and check to 301 Jefferson Street, Burlington, Iowa 52601 or pay online via PayPal! 

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*This new membership option provides you with the convenience of paying a specific dollar amount monthly for a commitment of one year. With this option, you have a number of classes/workshops automatically built into your membership to be taken within the year. Classes/workshops ($35.00 value or less) can be used by any family member in your household. 

If you would like to sign up for a monthly membership, please call 319.754.8069 so we can set you up on an automatic withdrawl!

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Membership Levels

Monthly Members Only DIY Group

The Dabblers try out various mediums and projects in both the arts and crafts. The two hour sessions are led by group members who have some expertise or experience to share. The goal is not to always finish a specific project but to get exposure to something new and to be with others in art and creativity. This group meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7-9PM and there is a $5 fee for supplies. Please call 319.754.8069 by Monday of the same week to reserve a space.

2ND Tuesdays from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

April 13- Soap carving - Practice your carving skills and techniques on soap. Make something fun for your bathroom or a gift. No charge for bandages!

May 11- Exploring Impressionist painting techniques - Distinct brush strokes that make a painting visually pleasing and stimulating is the hallmark of impressionist painting. Applying "dabs" of paint maybe we can achieve something exciting.

June 8- Rock House Painting - Using acrylic paint a seemingly nondescript rock can be transformed into to an enchanting little house for a fairy garden or a window sill. Rocks approximately 2" by 2".

July 13- Embroidery - Embroidery has so many potential applications and so many different stitches. But have you ever used it for a card? That is a project we propose for something unique to send to a friend.

August 10- Mixed Media - Can't decide which medium to attempt? Various papers, paints, fabric, images from magazines, old ransom notes and found objects can come together for a fun experience and project.

September 14- Driftwood Art - We'll create a project inspired by wood smoothed and shaped by the Mississippi River. This truly local project is suitable for indoor or outdoor inspiration.

October 12- Mobiles - If you are out of wall space, how about something interesting that hangs out in space? There are many types of mobiles to create interest.

November 9 - Watercolor techniques with salt. Salt is used by some watercolorists to create texture in their work or for some just an interesting technique. No talent is required to create something unique for a number of applications.

December 14 - Fabric Scrape Wreaths. This simple, but attractive craft can be made in various sizes for a variety of uses.




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