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When not in his studio, this Iowa resident can be found at the occasional car show or more likely wandering obscure country roads in his seventy year old truck in search of his next automotive muse. 

Nash Cox is a self taught Artist who works exclusively in watercolors to create highly detailed automotive paintings. Sourcing images from his own photographs, Nash's paintings present the viewer with a little bit of the soul and a little bit of the history of each vehicle he paints.

An internationally recognized Artist, Nash's paintings can be found in private collections as far as Puerto Rico and Australia.

A signature member of the Iowa Watercolor Society, Nash works from his studio and gallery located in Chariton, Iowa where he lives with his wife, Terry, and their two dogs.

Artists Statement: 

 I've always had a real fascination with old cars. My fondest childhood memories almost always involve an old car or truck. I still remember the feel of the sun warmed fenders on my dad's 1947 Ford pickup as he worked on it in the backyard or the smell of the upholstery in my mom's 1949 Plymouth

There's a feeling I get from old cars that I feel I understand but can't  put into words and I think that's why a paint them. I travel with a camera under my seat and a cell phone in my pocket so I can photograph old cars when I find them. When I find one that has set neglected- that is rusting back into the Earth it was formed from- I get a strong impression of its past as if the car has one last chance to tell its story.

Choosing which vehicle to paint or which image to use is more intuitive than anything. If it feels right it will continue to feel right throughout the painting process.

After a truly exhausting attempt at living a normal non creative life I plunged back into the art world that had consumed my childhood. The moment I tried watercolor I fell in love with it. I don't believe a person can ever truly master watercolor and instead see it as a constantly evolving partnership. I like to say I'm a self taught artist but the truth is each painting teaches me how to paint the next.

  Sure, I believe old cars are beautiful, especially cars from the thirties, but classic automobiles also remind me of a time when things were simpler. Today, my daily driver is a rusty but beautiful 1953 GMC pickup. It has become my signature.

  I count myself lucky as  I am able to take two of my greatest passions, one being art and the other being vintage automobiles, and I get to turn those into a way of life.  Yep, going to car shows is part of my job. I am also lucky that my wife, the real love of my life, supports me on my journey.


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