Artscapes offers an outlet for enjoyment, the power of choice, and a source of tapping into one’s own interior world. This
program is currently available to local therapy groups, senior citizen residential facilities, and adult day-hab organizations. These classes are offered at no charge or minimal cost to the participants. Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible.

Artscapes has been a blessing for our program and clients. We literally are able to escape the stresses of life and just relax and explore our creativity. Several of our clients have found that art can be a way to relax, a coping technique, a leisure activity and a way to learn about the many genres of art. We are very thankful for our time at the Art Center. Thank you for this opportunity. -Goodwill of the Heartland

As a direct support person for Hope Haven, I truly enjoy being able to bring people to the art center. The smile I get when I tell them that is on the schedule for the day says it all. Going to the Art Center brings happiness to the clients. The instruction given really allows them to create something special. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment and brings a positive attitude. Everyone feels better about themselves when leaving the Art Center. -Hope Haven

Artscapes Brochure