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Art is a powerful catalyst in sparking creativity, developing new ideas, and discovering new ways to approach problems. It isn't always the end product but the process that helps inspire our creative nature. We believe in creating opportunities like unique events and public art displays that encourage a more vibrant community. We want to see Burlington thrive.

What we offer:

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Artscapes Program: Providing art experiences to Burlington's special populations!

The Art Center of Burlington is looking for your support to continue our Artscapes program’s current offerings and expand our program to hospice care and a nursing home facility. Through this expansion, we will provide adaptive art opportunities to elderly, ill, and persons with special needs and/or disease. We will enrich our local community’s special populations quality of life through art making and creative experiences.

If we reach our campaign goal, we may be eligible for a $25,000 Gannet Grant to support the artscape program.  The campaign that raises the most funds in our Tier will receive $25,000 grant from Gannet. We must raise a minimum of $3,000 to qualify for any grant or funding. With your help, we can support the Art Center of Burlington’s Artscapes Program and our mission to provide creative and enriching art experiences to special populations in Burlington! 

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"We started our Artscapes program very quietly as a way to give back to our community about 2.5 years ago. I have the amazing, blessed privilege to work with some fantastic organizations and individuals! I work with several adult day hab organizations, assisted living and nursing homes, as well as groups at our medical center.

My professional goal is to build this program to offer art classes to as many organizations that would like to participate. If you know of an organization that may be interested in participating, have them contact me at the Art Center of Burlington, 754-8069.

As a non profit, this program is funding largely through contributions from our community. Please consider being a sponsor of this program. Thank You!!" - Nicole Austin Kamrath, Program Director



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