Summer art camp is all about the experience the kiddos have while they’re creating. This allows them to be themselves, make their own decisions, and just create! 


First come, first serve basis. Your space will not be confirmed until you have completed our online registration. If you're registration is successful, you will receive an email. If you have any trouble, please call us at 319.754.8069. We'd love to have you all, but space is don't wait!

Choose the camp based on what grade your Art Camper will be entering for Fall 2018.

Each Art camp is $40 for Art Center Members and $50 for Non-Members. Sign up up for an Art Center membership and save on classes all year long!

If you sign your kid up for Summer Art Camp and Summer Theater Camp in the same week, bring a sack lunch and supervision will be provided from 12-1p!

For more information about the Capitol Theater's Music and Theater Summer camps, click here.




June 11-15        


Girl Up! - Women in Art | Gr. 2-6 | Karla Mundt
We'll create paintings, pastels, & sculptures inspired by famous women artists such as Georgia O'Keefee, Faith Ringgold, & Frida Kahlo.
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Star Wars | Gr. 1-3 | Alex Grabowski
This week will be all about Star Wars! Campers will create light sabers, puppets, Yoda ears, paintings, and more.
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June 18-22   


All About You | Gr. 1-3  | Magon VanZee
Art masterpieces using recycled materials. (ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!)
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Pottery Handbuilding | Gr. 4-6 | Jessi Feuer
Handbuild a collection of forms throughout the week. On day one, roll slabs and choose characters for our plates. Day two we will trace our characters into the plate and underglaze color. Day three, finish the plate and start out a pebble set. By the end of the week, students will have a decorative plate and a pebble set of two bowls and a plate. 
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Famous Paintings Re-Deux | Gr. 4-6 | Magon VanZee
Recreate famous paintings with your own spin.
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Pottery Wheel  | Gr. 6-12 | Jessi Feuer
Handbuild slab vases, pebble bowls and a decorative plate. Try your hand at the wheel, producing 2-4 wheel thrown forms by the end of the week. All pieces will have the option of underglazing for color and pieces will be clear glazed and ready to be picked up 1-2 weeks after camp ends.
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June 25-29


Color, Color Everywhere | Gr. 1-3 | Magon VanZee
Active projects using color from different mediums.
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Good Vibes Only | Gr. 4-6 | Magon VanZee
Make a collection of boho art for your room!
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July 2, 3, 5, 6   


Time Travel | Gr. 1-5 | Alex Grabowski
Learn about various eras and the artwork that was present during those times. We will explore cave paintings, puppets, weaving, paint pouring and more as we travel through time. (ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!)
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July 9, 10, 11

10a-12p (FULL) OR 1p-3p

Climb Aboard Noah’s Arc | Ages 2-5 | Tammy Bellrichard
"Climb aboard the arc" by creating your own arcs, animals and rainbows. We will even experiment with making clouds and rain. Jump aboard it's going to be a FUN ride! Parent or guardian must accompany the little Picasso to help assist with projects.
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July 9-13


Space Race | Gr. 1-3 | Alex Grabowski
Explore our solar system this week by making constellation viewers, designing space ships, painting galaxies, and using fun and easy marbling and paper mache techniques to create our very own planets. (ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!)
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Myths and Legends | Gr. 4-6 | Alex Grabowski
Read about various myths, legends, fables and fairy tales, such as gods and goddesses (like Thor and Hercules), mermaids, creatures, and more. Each day will start with a new story and art projects will be based on that days character/story. (ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!)
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 July 16-20


Animals in Art | Gr. 1-3  | Heidi Merrick
Lion, tigers, and bears, oh my! Students will be learn about all kinds of animals while creating fun art projects, reading books, and playing games! (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!)
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Art Around the World | Gr. 4-6 | Heidi Merrick
Learn about different cultures from around the world while working on art projects that coincide with each culture.  We will be visiting North America, Mexico, China, Japan, Egypt, and many more locations! (ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!)
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July 23-27      


Blast Off With Art | Gr. 1-3 | Meghan Riley
This week we will make our own constellations, explore black holes, and make our own version of Jupiters moons. Lets explore our solar system!
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Mysteries of Mythical Creators | Gr. 4-6  | Meghan Riley
Learn all about mythical creatures featured in the movies. From the magical Bowtruckle in Harry Potter to the Dragons that soar the sky in How to Train your Dragon, we will dive deep into the realm of these creatures.
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