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Artist Statement for Someone’s Family
Over the course of this body of work I have been strongly influenced by the work of Lewis Hine, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lang, and Mary Ellen Mark. These icons of photography used their talents to document and create social awareness. On recent travels I have met some wonderful people who agreed to collaborate with my project concerning people experiencing homelessness as a way to help create social awareness. Their lives are depicted through the use of black and white photography. Candid, or photojournalist photos, catch them in their struggle trying to find the most basic necessities. Consistent throughout the work is their obvious lack of food and housing.

I met a middle-aged lady named Patty whose struggle with mental illness led her to the streets, lost to those who loved and tried to help her. Max was a gentleman sleeping on the streets of New York City. Some kind stranger had left him breakfast on his bed of cardboard; how nice of them. A fellow named Ray was on the corner in Seattle asking for money for shelter and food. He explained that he only needed $5 per day to survive; enough for food and a bed in the shelter. I met many of our nations' veterans struggling and experiencing homelessness right in our nation’s capitol.

I have traveled all over the United States and find people experiencing homelessness wherever I go. They are out there right now. They are cold, lonely and hungry. They are “Someone’s Family”, a brother, sister, parent, child, and they need help. My hope is that my works will help the viewer find a deeper sense of consciousness and empathy concerning the needs of the homeless and reach out. I work with shelters wherever my work is shown, encouraging donations in the form of money, food or clothing. More needs to be done to stop this tragedy.

Pamela A. Houser is a retired teacher who holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Iowa, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Photojournalism at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

All prints are for sale. The price of the framed prints is $250. A portion will go to the art center for their support and 50% of the profit will stay in the community to help the homeless. Please help the people struggling in your community by purchasing a print.


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